Jesse Heikkilä

General Partner, Helsinki & New York
Software InfrastructureMarketplacesFuture of WorkMachine LearningDeveloper ToolsDevOps Tooling
Jesse is an investor with an entrepreneurial background. He was the technical founder in a SaaS management software & marketplace for racket sports. He built and ran the company for 4 years in the US, and ended up merging with a Spanish company, Playtomic. At Playtomic he lead product development, built modern frontend development teams and was involved in many M&A deals from evaluation, due diligence to integration post-purchase.

Jesse has been there in the early days with no team, hired, built and reorganized teams and been through the transition to a hyper-growth scaleup. After Playtomic he built projects for modern remote hiring platforms, ephemeral staging deployments for microservice architecture and worked as an EiR for a corporate venture building.

At Failup Ventures he is passionate about helping founders take their early-stage companies to the next level.