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Failup Ventures Management Oy

At Failup Ventures, we believe that we have the responsibility to improve on our society from how it was given to us at birth. A well-functioning society is the key to our modern civilization. We recognize that our primary goal is to bring financial returns to our limited partners, but we can deliver those returns in a way that benefits all of society. You can read detailed plans on how we will implement this in our Responsible Investment Policy.

Our Responsible Investment Policy can be found here


Failup Ventures Management Oy (“Failup”) does not consider adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors as meant in the SFDR for the time being. However, Failup may decide to consider the PAI in the future when it has made its first investments and has gained a better understanding of how the PAI apply in its investment activities and how the required information is available from, or in relation to, its portfolio companies.

Considering that Failup is managing its first fund and is only started to build its portfolio, and taking into account that generally the portfolio companies are expected to be in their early stages, there might be some portfolio companies in relation to which the principal adverse sustainability impacts cannot be measured up to an adequate level. For example, due to the early stage of the portfolio company, relevant data may not necessarily be collected in a reliable way, or the company may not yet have sufficient systems or methods for monitoring or reporting the information required for these purposes.

The following includes information about Failup’s policies on the integration of sustainability risks in its investment decision‐making process in accordance with article 3 of the SFDR.

Sustainability risks are evaluated thoroughly in respect of each investment of the funds that Failup manages as a part of the due diligence and investment decision. Failup believes that the securities of companies who operate responsibly will yield better results as investment objects in the long run. As a part of the investment analysis, Failup conducts ESG due diligence process prior to all investments.

Environmental risks considered include, among others, adverse effects of climate change, emissions, energy usage, neglected energy efficiency, neglected resource efficiency including recycling, as well as effects of loss of biodiversity.

Social risks considered include health and safety issues, diversity and inclusion, employee satisfaction and human rights.

Governance risks considered include legal compliance, applicable industry practices, cybersecurity, business ethics including ESG policies, transparency, and general governance practices.

Failup considers sustainability risks’ impact on investment returns. Sustainability risks, like any other risks, could in the worst-case result in a complete loss of an investment. However, Failup has assessed that sustainability risks as such are not likely to have a material negative impact on the returns of the funds it manages in the long term.

Failup Fund I Ky


This section includes the Key Information Document (“KID”) of Failup Fund I Ky drawn up in accordance with the EU Regulation ((EU) 1286/2014) on key information documents for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs). Please see the link below for the KID currently effective.

Our Fund PRIIPS key information document can be found here (PRIIPS)
Date of publication of the information: 24 June 2024


This document includes information relating to environmental and social characteristics of financial products and information relating to sustainable investments, in accordance with article 10 of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation ((EU) 2019/2088, as amended and supplemented, “SFDR”) and Article 24 of the EU 2022/1288 Regulatory Technical Standards (“RTS”).

Financial product name: Failup Fund I Ky (hereinafter also referred to as the “fund”)

Legal identifier: 3363774-5

Our Sustainability Disclosures document can be found here