We are backing future leaders who create impact in society. They seek truth and run their companies with empathy. Through reflection on our mistakes, we try to fail upwards.



We believe we have the responsibility to improve on our society from how it was given to us at birth. Without an ordered society, there is only civil chaos. A well functioning society is the key to our modern civilization. We recognize that our primary goal is to bring financial returns to our limited partners, but we can deliver those returns in a way that benefits all of society.

We have come from nature and we need the nature so we can live and flourish. We love the nature for both selfish and selfless reasons. The environment needs to be protected and and emissions cut down so the human race can keep living fulfilling lives on this planet. This will take a lot of work, but we recognize that the time to act is now, not tomorrow.

Everybody talks about the need for a change in regards to preservation and conservation of our environment. Still the changes reflected in our society are not enough and to slow. We need to try to make more of a difference with our fund and that need is a key factor in our decision making. There are many ways to cause positive change in the environment and we believe any change in any industry to the positive is worth researching and trying. We do not limit ourselves just to investing in green tech, however we believe in a holistic approch so that there should always be an element of environmental benefits in everything we do.

We will participate in the management of our society because we know that communal entropy is ever present. We will pay the taxes that are due, participate in the organisations of our trade and do volunteer work when we have time. We will participate in debates and give our expertise for free to the entrepreneurial community where we are able.

Society is what allows us to do something we love. So let’s all participate.